Monday, September 25, 2017

Time to Reorganize

We’ve had an amazing year so far.  It’s not over and we still have trips planned but while we’re home I wanted to organize my magnet collection.

I’ve added many magnets to my collection this year.  We went to Costa Rica, Alaska, San Juan Islands.  Stayed in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Texas.

Even though I had run out of room in the RV I kept thinking when we get home I have another refrigerator with plenty of room.

The place of honor in the RV is a cookie sheet that is right over the kitchen sink.  This is where I put the magnets I like the most.

I like unusual magnets such as 3-D or interactive.  They are hard to find and since I now have a lot of magnets, I’m starting to get pretty choosy about what I buy. 

Complete magnet collection.

There have been some places we’ve visited that either don’t have any magnets or just don’t have any that catch my eye.  It’s disappointing but sometimes I don’t purchase anything at these places.

It’s a tough decision but I think I’ve got the cookie sheet the way I want it.

 I’ve bought a new cookie sheet to display some additional magnets (I don’t yet know where I’ll get Mark to hang this one).

There will be plenty left over to leave at home.  This has turned out to be a fun, enjoyable collection!



  1. Nice collection Teri.
    Serene and I were just wondering about you guys this morning.

  2. We're home in Texas. Not really doing anything worth blogging about.