Saturday, October 21, 2017

Give Me a Moment, Would Ya?

We visited the Riverside Nature Center in Kerrville to see what birds and butterflies might be hanging on a cool fall day.

We immediately came across a female Gulf Fritillary that had recently emerged from her chrysalis and was drying her wings. I hadn't even raised the camera before a male joined her, obviously interested in being the first to mate.

We had learned previously that some males in this family (Fritillaries and Longwings) will attempt to mate with females even before they have fully emerged from their chrysalis. Survival of the fastest, I suppose!

In the above picture (click to enlarge) you can see that they are mated. The female is now turned upside down and the tips of their abdomens are joined. Mission accomplished!

We've noted that Monarch butterfliles are migrating south. This one made a pit stop to refuel before its journey continues.

We also saw several Queens enjoying the Blue Mistflower, which seems to be an all-time favorite of butterflies in Texas.

This was a good day for orange and black butterflies!



  1. Great pictures and interesting mating details. I learn so much from you two.

  2. Thanks! Mother Nature tells some interesting stories... Mark