Wednesday, October 25, 2017

One Last Round

There are two really nice 9 hole disc golf courses close to us.  Mark plays one of them almost every day we’re home.  I usually go with him.  Sometimes I pick up trash and sometimes I just enjoy getting outside in this beautiful area we live in.

We’ll be leaving for our next volunteer assignment soon and Mark wanted to get in one last round.   We loaded up some trash bags and loppers and some tools. 

There isn’t a lot of trash on this course but I can usually find something to pick up.  Today my goal was to pick up a lot of broken glass that has been there since last year.  This is an old window that someone put in the ground to use as a information board.  It was a good idea.  Unfortunately, some people can’t resist destroying things.  So, all the glass was busted out. 

A few days ago I started to pick up glass and was immediately aware of very large wasps starting to surround me.  So today I’m prepared.

They're no match for a big can of Raid.  After dispatching a dozen very large red wasps, I started picking up a bag full of glass.

For a couple of years now Mark has been cutting grape vines out of the large old oak trees here.  The grapes are great for wildlife but kill the trees.  The oak trees in this area are already stressed by oak wilt and we have noticed a few new dead trees this year.

 There was one disc golf basket that needed repair.  See the loose chain? 

 We stopped at the hardware store on the way and bought an S-hook so Mark could make the repair.

Don’t you wish people that throw trash on the ground would throw it in the open so those of us who pick it up don’t have to crawl under bushes?
We were so busy picking up trash and trimming grape vine, I don’t think Mark ever played past the first hole.

We've got a new volunteer assignment starting soon.  It will be in a new state park for us too.
So stay tuned!


  1. Great clean up you two. Teri, I had to fish out beer cans thrown way into the woods at our Umpqua lighthouse state park gig earlier this year.
    Safe travels and enjoy your new park.

    1. It's even worse when they still have old, stinky beer in them!

  2. We pick up lots of tires here in the valley, people like to throw them on refuge land, in ditches. They are always hard to fish out. Wish these people would just put them next to the road in a stack. Easier for both of us.