Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kayaking and Bushwhacking(?)

Bushwhacking refers to hiking through wilderness areas without trails. But what if you do the same sort of exploring in a kayak? Is is Marshwacking? Swampwhacking?

We took the park kayaks out again, and this time we decided to explore backwater areas of the lake rather than established trails. There were plenty of dead-end coves and channels, but we also found several connecting channels. We saw plenty of ducks and wading birds, and expected to find one of the many alligators that are said to inhabit the lake. However, we failed to find any of the toothy reptiles!

We came across large areas of water lilies and other flowering plants. What is amazing is that all of the foreground in the picture above are growing in standing water. The few areas of land are supporting the trees you can see in the background.

It was a beautiful day and we paddled about three miles exploring the back areas of the lake. We look forward to more exploration.



  1. I thought swampwhacking was what politicians always promise to do?😊

    Looks like fun. How are the mosquitoes?

  2. We had some warm muggy days last week and they were pretty bad in the campground. A cold front has come through and they are now few and far between. Much nicer!