Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sixteen Bridges

In our quest to hike and paddle all of the trails in Martin Dies Jr. State Park, we decided to try the 2.25 mile Slough Trail. For those not familiar with the word "Slough", it means a swamp or backwater area. Because much of this trail is near swampland, there are sixteen small bridges and boardwalks along the way.

Most of the trail is heavily wooded, with tall pines and hardwoods providing a beautiful "tunnel" to walk through. 

We continue to be impressed with the size and height of trees here in the park. We've not spent much time in East Texas, but they sure do grow some dandy trees.

There were plenty of mushrooms and fungus growing on fallen logs and the forest floor. 

The American Beautyberry was still holding on to bright purple berries. Eventually birds will eat them. 

Our hike ended at the "Swamp Overlook", which is a large wooden bridge overlooking the lake in one direction and the slough in the other. 

More to come later from Martin Dies...