Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2018 Panama Journal - Day 3 - Part 2

Monday 2/12/18 continued.

After walking around the Camp area we headed up Nando’s Trail.  It is named after one of the original guides at the Camp.

Beginning of the trail.

The trail was pretty steep uphill, but Carlos knew of two Manakin leks and up we went! 

Courting male Golden-collared Manakins are considered the dance kings of the Panama rainforest and are exclusively found in Panama and western Colombia.  We saw several displaying. They make a loud snapping sound with their wings while displaying, so we always knew if there were male Golden-collared Manakins around!

Golden-collared Manakin male

Golden-collared Manakin male

The females are better camouflaged. 

Golden-collared Manakin female

We hiked up another trail where we found Golden-headed Manakins.  The male is the only manakin with an entirely black body and bright golden head. The female is a dull olive color.  In this species, males hop, fly rapidly between perches, and shimmy along branches, all the while producing various buzzes, trills, and chips.

Golden-headed Manakin

While searching for Manakins we were treated to quick look at a White Hawk.

White Hawk

We saw other birds like Trogans and Toucans, and even a Rain Toad.  

Slatey-tailed Trogan male

Yellow-throated Toucan

Rain Toad.

We walked back to Camp for a wonderful lunch of pulled pork, rice, beans, warm bread and a salad.  After lunch we were on our own till 3:30 p.m.  Mark brought his computer and spent his time downloading the thousands of pictures he took every day.

Lots of natural light inside our tent.

Bird list at the end of Part 3.

Next time:  Evening birding on the Pan-American Highway


  1. Never seems fair that the boys are the pretty ones! Love the tent!

    1. So true! The tent was the nicest one I've ever been in.

  2. Hey you two, we see those responses.

    Great pictures yet again.

    What is your guess of how many pictures you delete once we see them on the big screen? So, of the 1000 pictures Mark takes, how many got discarded. Our keep rate is about 20% Serene says, so 80% get deleted.

    1. When I'm really banging away I easily delete 90% of the shots. When I'm a little more careful we are about where you are, at 80/20. Ain't digital grand!!!