Thursday, April 12, 2018

2018 Panama Journal - Day 8 - Part 2

Saturday 2/17/18 continued

After lunch we headed to the hotel.  Here is our group picture with Carlos on the right. 

One last look at the "Birds of the Trip" (so far...), the Harpy Eagle having a little scratch and the Dusky-backed Jacamar swaying on a perch.

We were told that the rest of the group would be dropped off at the hotel and that Carlos would drive Mark and me to Canopy Tower where we would then be driven to Canopy Lodge.  By the time we got to the hotel plans had changed and we were to wait for someone to pick us up there and drive us the 3 hours to Canopy Lodge.  

Our driver should have been there in 20 minutes.  We sat in the hotel reception area for about an hour and a half when Mark heard his name being called at the reception desk.  He had a phone call.  It was our driver who was stuck in traffic and would be there as soon as he could.  About 45 minutes later, he finally arrived. 

We were not too happy with this 20 minute wait that turned into over 2 hours but after we got back on the road and saw the horrendous traffic, we could see the problem.  Our driver was very nice and apologetic.  I was just happy it was him driving and not us!

We had a 3 hour drive to Canopy Lodge.  We arrived about 8:00 p.m.  Our luggage was taken from the car to our room and dinner was waiting for us.

The rooms were as spacious and beautiful as we remembered.  

 Concrete and rock slab floors.

The top half of the doors and all along 
the ceilings are screened windows.
We had our own private balcony.

Very large bathroom and plenty of closet space.

This time we were in room number three.

Next time:  Birding at Canopy Lodge.


  1. The new room looks nice! You are joining civilization agin - traffic and all!

  2. The rooms are beautifull! There is a lot more traffic.