Friday, April 13, 2018

Shortest Move We’ve Ever Made

We’re in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, at The Landing Point RV park. 

We had reservations for two nights but with winds forecast to blow up to 50 mph we decided to stay put for a couple of more days.  They had someone scheduled to move into the spot we were in but found another spot we could move to.  We decided to take it.

Shortest move we’ve ever made!


  1. Short moves are OK, but still a hassle. But, it sounds like a prudent decision to wait out the storm.

  2. You still have to pull in the slides and take eveerything off the counters. We did just walk the satellite dish and the electrical cord over to the new site. We had lots of rain and thunder and lightening last night.

  3. We thought about moving it with the slides out, but then came to our senses!!

  4. Different parks take such a different approach. I totally understand why many won't guarantee a particular site to avoid just these situations. Of course, there's been times we've wanted to reserve a particular site too.