Sunday, March 25, 2012

All you can eat crab...

But you have to catch them yourselves!!

We find little Fiddler Crabs in damp areas all over the refuge and out at the South Padre Island Birding Center. The small (1") crabs are named for their single oversized claw which makes them look like they are carrying around a fiddle. Turns out that these tasty little morsels are favorites of the waders and shorebirds in the area. We watched this White Ibis capture, manipulate, and finally eat one crab after another. Yum !!


  1. Looks like a regular hoe down! :)

  2. Great photos Mark and Teri!

    Linda Clifton

  3. i'll take my cooked please! ;)

  4. Poor little crabs. I bet they are like crack to that Ibis!