Friday, March 23, 2012

It’s a standoff!

While we were out on the refuge the other day we came across this big guy across the road.

After honking the horn and throwing two sticks and a tree branch at him, he still wouldn’t move! Mark finally drove right up to him. After a lot of hissing (the alligator, not Mark), he finally scooted back just a little so we could drive on by.

I was glad we were in the big truck and not in the little Kawasaki “mule” that we sometimes drive.


  1. Watch don't want to mess with Texas OR this big daddy!!!

  2. Dang gators! We have yet to see any down here in La. But have not been out on the bayou since the water has raised from all the rain and the weather has warmed up.

  3. They have a nice, toothy smile!

  4. Seems a bit scary. Although I suppose if there are no holes in the truck floor, you were pretty safe! Hissing, eh? I didn't know they did that. Once I had a car w/ holes in the floorboards and I guess I wouldn't have wanted to meet an alligator in that car!

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