Friday, March 9, 2012

You know what they say about South Texas ...

Well, they say a lot of things but, one of the things they say is:
"Everything has thorns and is trying to hurt you."

We certainly found that to be true the other day. We were clearing brush off a couple of the levies for the up-coming dam inspection.

Mark spent a lot of his time trying to keep the weed wacker and dull pole saw running.

I spent my time loading the brush into the back of the truck and hauling it away and unloading it.

After lunch we stopped by the shop and got a sharpened chain for the pole saw.

Mark decided to go old school and use loppers for some of the brush.

I would like to add something else to “You know what they say about South Texas ...”
“Everything has teeth!”

That lump in the water as an alligator. I kept a close eye on him but he didn’t seem too interested in us.

Eight hours and a lot of scrapes, and puncture wounds later, we completed our project for the day.


  1. Everything bites or pokes you...'Ain't that the truth'! :)

  2. Wow, you guys were ambitious! If you guys are already seeing gators then we should start seeing them soon too! May begin to limit my boating on the bayou! Lol

  3. Are those Mesquite thorns? I remember the Mesquite tree we had in the backyard in Austin (our first house) and they were formidable!

  4. Hi Julee-

    The third picture would be something close to mesquite thorns. They are sharp and nasty, but not in the same league as some of the other things here. The thorns in the first and second pictures are two or three inches long and crazy sharp. Everything here in the "South Texas Thorn Scrub" will give you a good poke!!!