Friday, January 3, 2014

(New) Home Sweet Home

After a quick 10 weeks at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, we made the short one-hour drive north to Inks Lake State Park.  In doing so we went from a park with three volunteer sites and tent camping only, to a park with 22 volunteer sites and literally hundreds of RV and tent sites.

They have a few of the volunteers scattered throughout the various camping loops, but most are in a specific area of the campground.  We chose a site in the volunteer area, and we like the location.

We like this area. The town of Burnet is 15 minutes away and Marble Falls is 25 minutes away. Teri reports that Marble Falls has the biggest, nicest HEB that she has ever seen, and both towns offer plenty of restaurants which we enjoy. For me, the nearest disc golf course is less than 15 minutes away and there are two others within 25 minutes.  

As far as our duties here, we don't know anything yet. Some of the volunteers have let us know that things are very "laid back" here as far as volunteers go. There is no specific schedule of workdays, and it seems like you are expected to track down your own project.  Part of the issue is that there is no grass to mow and, relatively few campers this time of year, and so not as many of the usual duties as during the busy spring and summer months. 

We hope to meet with the Lead Ranger soon and get started on something. Anything.  So stay tuned on that!!



  1. We drive through Marble Falls when we're heading to Glen Rose from the Valley... even stayed at the Wal-Mart there once. I hope you'll be happy there... but I suspect you and Mark can find plenty to do no matter what else is going on ;-)

  2. You should have a good chance of seeing a golden-cheeked warbler and a black-capped vireo in that area.

  3. Looks like you have a nice, sunny spot. Enjoy your time there.