Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We’re Pretty Laid-back Around Here

Seems like everyone we have talked to here at Inks Lake has said to us “We’re pretty laid-back around here".  That seems to be true.

We are having a hard time getting anyone to tell us what work needs to be done, or what days we need to work.  There are a couple of volunteers who have assigned tasks, like cleaning the cabins or working in the park store.  Those folks are holding tight to their jobs!

Last Friday we got dressed in our park shirts and walked down to the maintenance building where we were told everyone starts in the morning.  After talking to some of the volunteers for an hour or so, we were finally able to get with the volunteer coordinator who told us to just take it easy a couple more days and come back on Monday and he would have something for us to do.

Sunday we walked down to the little park store and talked to the volunteer and staff person there.  This is a fishing lake and the park has lots of fishing rods that they loan out.  The staff mentioned that they needed someone to check out all the rods and reels and untangle them (they are all just thrown in a corner) and make sure they all have hooks, bobbers, etc., and work properly.

So, Monday morning, after waiting around the maintenance shop for an hour, we were told that it was too cold to work.  We mentioned that the park staff needed someone to work on the fishing rods and we would be happy to “tackle” that job.  

It took us a couple of hours and we were able to move everything into a heated garage to work on them.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me while we were working but we stopped by the RV and I was able to get a pictures before we put all the rods back in the fishing shed.  We worked on 20 rods and did everything from putting on new line, to adding hooks, sinkers, bobbers and checking the drag on all of them. 

It has been bitterly cold here the last few days.  We’re hoping it warms up and we can find enough work to keep us busy.


  1. It's nice that they are "laid back" but like you I like to keep busy. We are finding it a little busier down here this year than last but still have to make our own jobs sometimes. Oh well, we can't complain..........nice site and weather has been pretty good except for last few days. Down in the 60's and windy.

    1. We're keeping our eyes and ears open for things to do. I think the longer we're here, the more things we will find on our own.
      Stay warm!

  2. Replies
    1. You don't need a fishing license inside a state park!
      If it ever warms up, we'll be drowning a (plastic) worm.

  3. You two have a lot more patience than this old lady (me) has.... why is it that some of us expect (and want) to be kept busy? Oh well.... as long as everyone's happy.....

  4. Laid back is fine for a time, but I'd sure want something to do too!