Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Backup Plan

We’re still trying to find things to do around here.  We seem to be the only ones concerned that we don’t have any tasks or even certain days to work. 

All the volunteers we have met are very nice and all agree that things are slow and we will probably have to find our own work.

One job that we did pick up from one of the other volunteers is “firewood”.

There are 5 honor system firewood stations here in the park.  Our job will be to check each one and, if needed, replenish the firewood.  The firewood is neatly stacked in 5-stick bundles.  Each bundle is $5.  It doesn’t seem like this will take up too much time but might result in a few hours. 
There are 20 cabins in the park and we have talked to a couple of volunteers about helping to clean them one or two days a week.  We should find out soon if that will be a job we’ll be assigned to.
We have noticed lots of volunteers walking around picking up trash.  Most folks have their own “pickers”.  We headed to Home Depot and picked up a couple of pickers and a bucket.
Our thought is that if there is nothing else to do, we can always spend a few hours picking up trash.


  1. At SANWR they provide pickers for us. I find them really useful, not so much to avoid leaning over as to avoid touching some of the stuff people throw down. Hope things "pick up," so to speak. But sounds like you're able to find something useful to do on your own for now. -Rick

  2. Yuck! I know what you mean. I don't want to touch that stuff. The problem with the park pickers is that they don't come together very well. The ones we bought will pick up a bread bag twist tie. They also have a little magnet on them.

  3. We carry those "pickers" also... not just for litter... but they can be really useful when geocaching... while I'm not short, more than once I've needed them to retrieve a cache that's over a door or other high up place ;-)