Friday, May 6, 2016

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

It looks like we're going to be in the Ruidoso area longer than planned. I have a tooth that has decided to abscess, so I'm getting a little "emergency" dental work done here. So far, so good, but we'll be here for another week or so.

We decided to drive the hour down to Roswell to visit Bitter Lake NWR and perhaps see an alien or two. Struck out on the little green men, but we did enjoy the auto tour route at the refuge.
Blue Grosbeak
The very first bird we spotted was this beautiful Blue Grosbeak. We were not expecting this splash of color out in the dry desert!

The Cassin's Sparrows were singing loudly, marking their territory and hoping to attract a mate.
Cassin's Sparrow
Once we reached the water, we started seeing many more birds. The Black-necked Stilts with their bubble gum pink legs were strutting around and making their own noisy calls.
Black-necked Stilt
Long-billed Dowitchers were "down-stitching" away hoping to find a delicious morsel in the mud.
Long-billed Dowitcher
Speaking of long bills, the American Avocets were in breeding colors and these two seemed to be fencing with each other.
American Avocets
Not to be outdone in the bill department, the Northern Shovelers were also enjoying this desert oasis.
Northern Shoveler
We enjoyed our visit to Bitter Lake NWR and Roswell, even if we didn't get to see any UFO's or aliens. 


  1. We've worked the Dragonfly Festival and delivered equipment there, but never volunteered there. Steve, Visitor person, took us on a great tour years ago. Interesting place. I love your Blue Grosbeak... nice color!

  2. Sorry about the tooth. Hope you found a good dentist. That is always a challenge. Love the picture of the Blue Grosbeak.

  3. Just got settled here, and now caught up on your posts. Nice birds!!!