Monday, May 2, 2016

Snow Birds

Not the RV'ers that move south in the winter, but the birds that you see out your window when stuck inside! If you saw our blog yesterday you know that we had a good bit of snow here. Total ended up being about 4" of the white stuff.

Most of our day was spent inside watching movies and taking pictures of the birds outside the RV. All of these pictures were taken through windows so they're not as sharp as I'd like.

Best bird of the day was a Virginia's Warbler. I have never gotten a picture of one before, so that was a treat.
Virginia's Warbler
More colorful were the many Mountain Bluebirds here at the park.
Mountain Bluebird
We threw out some bird seed, and managed to attract a few sparrows and finches before the park chickens showed up to eat the rest.
White-crowned Sparrow
The House Finches here are nice and bright.
House FInch
I wish that this Green-tailed Towhee had come closer, but I only saw it once at a distance.
Green-tailed Towhee
The robins and kinglets were more cooperative.
American Robin
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
The snow is already melting and tomorrow's forecast calls for warmer weather, so this looks like our only day of snow here in New Mexico.



  1. Snow birds, indeed! Well, the snow did make for a nice contrast to those gorgeous birds.

  2. The birds are beautiful against the snow. I can't imagine knowing the names of all of them!