Monday, May 30, 2016

Evergreen Lakes

There are six small lakes on the hatchery grounds that together are called the Evergreen Lakes. Originally formed by glacial action, they were diked up and used as the original trout breeding ponds.
Evergreen Lake #3
In 1995 the Hatchery discovered whirling disease (deadly to trout) in the lakes and shifted production to concrete raceways where disease organisms were more easily controlled. 
Evergreen Lake #1
While no longer utilized for fish production, the Evergreen Lakes are the centerpiece of the public recreation area at the Hatchery. There is an excellent one-mile nature trail that winds around the lakes, as well as additional longer trails accessing the Mount Massive Wilderness Area. There are also picnic tables, grills, play areas, and a large group pavilion that is used for picnics, weddings, etc.
Mount Massive
There are several areas around the lakes that give wonderful views of snow-covered Mount Massive and Mount Elbert. The Hatchery was placed in this location because of the abundant fresh water draining off of these mountains.
Feeder Stream
There are several streams that drain into the Evergreen Lakes, and right now they are running hard with snow melt. The surrounding mountains are still getting snow, so hopefully the streams will continue to run strong through the summer.


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