Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Charlie's Pasture

As we've been exploring the area around Goose Island State Park, we've come across a (relatively) new birding site in Aransas Pass named Charlie's Pasture. This large wetland has been improved with over a mile of trails and boardwalks as well as a viewing tower.

Remember to click on the pictures for a larger view!
Roseate Spoonbill
Our first visit was on a windy and overcast day that didn't lend itself to picture taking, but we returned on a beautiful morning and found conditions perfect for bird viewing and photography.
Snowy Egret
Several larger birds were flying over the boardwalk and allowed us great looks. On bird walks we refer to the Snowy Egret as wearing "Golden Slippers" and they show up well in this shot.
White Ibis
Probably the strangest bird at this site is a wayward flamingo. While many folks see Roseate Spoonbills and think that they are flamingos, this one really IS a flamingo. The story goes that this Greater Flamingo escaped from a Kansas zoo and has been around the Texas coast for about 10 years. Kind of sad, but interesting!
Greater Flamingo
For shorebird fans, this is a good place to see Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs side-by-side.
Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs
Other less colorful shorebirds abound as well. We got great looks at Dunlins and Dowtichers.
In winter plumage they aren't very colorful. We look forward to seeing them this summer when they'll be much brighter!
Dowitcher species


  1. That's a really fine study of the difference between Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs.

  2. We have one lonely spoonbill here... and he/she isn't very rosy. Maybe not enough crustaceans in the diet. Loved that photo of the 2 yellowlegs... what a great shot!