Monday, December 12, 2016

Did You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew??

We have seen quite a few Great Blue Herons here on the coast. Occasionally we're lucky enough to see one catch a fish. They have to swallow their meals whole, and yesterday we saw one that had speared a really nice fish, but wasn't able to enjoy it.
Great Blue Heron with Fish
The heron worked and worked to position the fish different ways, but it was just too wide to swallow. Too bad, because it looks like it would have been quite a meal. 

Great Blue Heron with Fish
Earlier in our stay we saw a different Great Blue Heron catch a large fish. This fish was more streamlined than the first. It didn't take long for the heron to flip the fish into the correct orientation and swallow it right on down!  You can see the lump in its throat in the next picture.
So are you hungry now for a nice fish dinner??



  1. I am always reminded when I read your posts that there is a whole birding world I know nothing about! Thanks for the exposure.

  2. On one of the boat trips Sharon and I took with her folks we were on the Lydia Ann Channel and watched a GBHE choke a fish down its throat for about 45 minutes. A true fish story.

    1. There must be a case or two where they actually choke themselves to death, don't you think?