Sunday, December 25, 2016

Time for a Christmas Bath...

We visited the park bird feeding station on Christmas morning to see what the birds were up to. In addition to feeders there are a couple of water features that the birds seem to love.
Ready, Set...
Once the Northern Cardinals got going, a little Orange-crowned Warbler got in line. 
I'll just let you finish. 
When the last Cardinal hopped out, the Warbler jumped in.
Orange-crowned Warbler
For such a tiny bird, an Orange-crowned Warbler can make quite a fuss!
Splish - Splash
In addition to the water features, we have seed feeders and peanut butter mix. Our first Pine Warbler of the season took a liking to the peanut butter log. 
Pine Warbler
While we didn't see it at the water or on a feeder, a sneaky White-eyed Vireo popped out just long enough to give us a quick look. 
White-eyed Vireo
Merry Christmas from Teri and Mark, and the birds at Goose Island State Park!!



  1. Great pictures.

    Have a happy new year you two.

  2. It's amazing how water, esp. moving water, will attract birds. We had an accipiter in our yard the other day right near our bedroom window. I couldn't get the camera in time. We've had RCKs, Orange-crowned Warblers, and N. Cardinals (not so common down here) in our birdbaths.