Monday, August 28, 2017

Oh Hell No!

After Twin Falls, Idaho, we headed to Provo, Utah. 
We’re only spending a couple of nights here but wanted to get out and see the area.

We took a trip to Bridal Veil Falls.  The falls are 607 feet up and very pretty.  Even this late in the season there was a lot of water flowing.
There is a fish pond at the trailhead where you can buy fish food from a quarter machine.  Mark threw in some fish food but didn’t get any hits.  We didn’t see any fish in the pond. 
There used to be a tram located near the trailhead that took people up to a restaurant located on the cliffs above the falls. An avalanche destroyed the tram in 1996 and a fire burned down most of the restaurant in 2008. 

Did you recognize the title of the blog?  If you didn't, you are not a Sharknado fan! 

There is a trail going up the side of the waterfall.
No way was I going up that trail!



  1. Had to Google Sharknando to catch the reference... but I'd be saying "OH Hell No" to that trail, too!

  2. Ok, I too am going to have to Google what "oh, hell no" means. I know basically what Sharknado is, but not the reference itself.

  3. It's the title of Sharknado 3.
    Gotta love shark week!