Wednesday, August 23, 2017

That's a Wrap!!

We enjoyed our (almost) two months at Ladd Marsh State Wildlife Area in La Grande, Oregon. Our main task was to whip the volunteer site back into shape after 5 years of non-use.

When we arrived the site was overgrown with tall grass, brush, and various other plants. There was also plenty of junk and trash on the site, along with three buildings that needed fixing up.

We covered our work on the outside of the red building in a previous blog, but never mentioned the inside. 
The inside had been partially finished, and the manager wanted it completed. So we had to pull out the work bench and some wall in order to get it finished. 

We pulled out an old washer/dryer connection and sealed up one wall. 

Once we got the second wall finished we replaced the workbench. 

We were also asked to clean up the wiring that was cut off and exposed, and lighting which was on extension cords. Once we opened the wiring up we found wires twisted together with some electrical tape here and there. It was amazing that the building hadn't burned down!

We trimmed up trees, trapped more pack rats, fixed up a well house and another old garage, and generally got the place ready for the next volunteers. 

Our final task was to take pictures of the site for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Departments Volunteer Booklet. The picture that is in there now is terrible!

With forecasts of fuel shortages, gridlocked traffic, and general chaos with the coming total eclipse, we decided to head out a little early and avoid the rush.

We enjoyed our time at Ladd Marsh and would be happy to return someday.



  1. Another great job and work well done. Congratulations and safe travels.

    1. It feels good to leave a place in much better shape than when we got there.

  2. You two do fantastic work. Wish we could have caught up with you in Idaho. Safe travels back to Texas.