Saturday, August 5, 2017

The "Wildlife" at Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area

Teri and I have taken the opportunity to explore various parts of the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area. While most of the habitat is marsh (duh...) there are also plenty of grasslands and even some higher elevation forest. Over the month we've been here we've seen a nice variety of birds and animals.

The most common large animal has been White-tailed Deer. There are also Mule Deer and Elk in the area, but we've not seen either. We did see this doe with her twin fawns.

Speaking of families, we got here in time to see some waterfowl still with young. This Northern Pintail hen is leading a nice brood.

A Northern Shoveler had a brood that looked younger than the Pintails. 

This little Kildeer chick was running around on a paved road. Not the best way to make it to adulthood!

There are a lot of coyotes here at Ladd Marsh. They are a major predator of the young birds. 

We enjoy seeing Cliff Swallows in their unique mud nests.

With plenty of insects to eat, various swallows zoom around our site in the evenings. They make a very challenging photography subject.
Barn Swallow

Cliff Swallow

Stay tuned for more bird, animals, and insects from Oregon.



  1. Hope you're beating the heat -- it's weird sitting in the usual Texas temps and reading about such high temps in Oregon. And we're watching the Oregon wildfire map closely. Take care!

    1. I was delighted to learn that temperatures here were higher than those in Central Texas!! No fires nearby, but plenty of smoke. Yuk!!

  2. No pack rat pictures? Enjoyed the other ones!

    1. They are actually pretty cute, and I'm surprised that folks don't keep them as pets!

  3. What a cool place. I am looking forward to more from your Oregon adventure.

  4. Looks like you landed in a neat place.