Friday, May 10, 2013

8 New Holes In The RV

As you know, our RV looks West onto the beautiful San Juan Mountains.  We are at 7,500 feet and it can get quite sunny. 

When we ordered our RV we ordered a screen for the very large back window.  We’ve never regretted that decision.  We have stayed a couple of places where a screen for the side window would be very useful and here in the San Luis Valley is one of those places.  Our newly ordered screen arrived and Mark went to work attaching it. 

It’s a little scary drilling holes into the RV but the result is a good looking screen that will be very useful.  
It will be nice to be able to keep the inside shades open in the afternoon so we can see the mountains.


  1. That's what I like about my inside MCD shades. I'm not as handy as Mark...

  2. Oh my. I saw your title on my sidebar and was afraid you got hit by a hail storm. So glad to see that the new holes were planned. That is a nice looking screen.