Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Little Bit Rattled

We were out exploring Forest Service roads on Saturday and stopped the truck to look for a geocache.  Just before we got out I heard a "hiss" that I recognized as a rattlesnake rattle.  It took a few seconds for me to locate the snake, and it turned out to be just a couple of feet left of the front bumper.

Western Rattlesnake
 This is a Western Rattlesnake, also know as a Prairie Rattlesnake.  In this area they are a pale greenish color. If you were following our blog last year you might recall that we had one of these on our front door mat.  We decided to move on and leave this guy alone.

If you want to get "up close and personal" turn up the sound and give this short video clip a look.

We are looking down a bit more these days!



  1. It must have warmed up for you there if the rattlers are out and about.

  2. I would be a little bit rattled myself. But then the rain has had be rattled!!!

  3. There are no rattle snakes Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge. I guess because it is higher in elevation.