Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

When we pulled into Lathrop State Park two days ago, it was a beautiful, sunny day.   Lathrop is Colorado’s first state park.  It’s 1,594 acres in Southern Colorado. 

We knew that snow was predicted so yesterday morning I headed into Walsenburg for some grocery shopping. 

It was a little misty all morning and later in the afternoon we started getting more and more snowflakes with a little sleet and rain.  I had picked up Mark’s favorite snack, ice cream, and my favorite snack, Goldfish crackers and we spent the afternoon all comfy in our RV, reading and snacking!

I had taken pictures of our site when we got here and went out this morning for some snow pictures.
 Our site

 Beautiful Mountains.
 The mountains aren't visible anymore.
 Out our back window

 Something walked across our welcome mat.
Probably a Magpie.
 One Seed Juniper

We probably won't be sitting out today!
It’s still snowing this morning.  Certainly not a blizzard, just slowly floating down.
We're leaving for our final destination tomorrow.  Hope everyone that is moving to their summer volunteer 'jobs' has safe travels.



  1. Beautiful pictures guys! It is snowing in western Iowa too! Thankfully it is not supposed to make it to Illinois! With this crazy weather we sill wait and see though. This is May isn't it? You guys travel safe!

  2. We had 102 degrees yesterday... makes seeing that snow kinda weird. Brrrrr....

  3. The cold front has reached Arkansas, but luckily only rain and not snow for today's traveling.

  4. More rain is coming our way once again. Stay safe.

  5. I stayed at Trinidad State Park last spring on my way to Mesa Verde, luckily I did not have any snow, it was the end of March. Hopefully the roads will be clear for your travels tomorrow.

    1. We stayed at Trinidad SP last year as well, but it was in mid-April. It looks like the snow has melted and the sun will be out for our short drive to Monte Vista.