Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free Food out of the Ditch

When Teri and I were here last year, we noticed a lot of asparagus growing in the roadside ditches and along the fence lines. Unfortunately we noticed it too late, after it was all fern and no stalk.

This year we reminded each other that we needed to keep an eye out for the emerging spears. About two weeks ago we noticed some new spears and found enough along our little fence line for a couple of meals.

Today we noticed a couple out on the road with large bags of asparagus, and decided that we needed to  cut some for tonights meal.

The easiest way to find the asparagus is to look for the dried out ferns from last years plants.  At each plant you can find a few new spears.
Emerging spears among some taller ferns.
Cutting a few spears.
Asparagus is a perennial plant, so we know not to cut too many spears from each crown.  We make certain to leave plenty of ferns to make food for next year's crop.
Once the spears open into ferns they are not good to eat.
These will be good!!



  1. Spring to me means morel mushrooms and fresh asparagus and the return of the hummingbirds. But... that's in Ohio... sure not the same here in SW Texas!

  2. That is really cool beans! When I moved to Minnesota in the early 90's I attended an asparagus festival, and had creamed asparagus on toast for breakfast. It was delicious! To find it for free is wonderful.