Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A few afghans

While spending almost 5 months in Colorado, I had plenty of time to crochet.

I finished 3 full size afghans: 

Eleven preemie afghans (here are just a few): 

I found a cute pattern for a crocheted preemie hat and started crocheting matching hats for all my preemie afghans: 

When we get back to Texas, I’ll donate all these afghans to The Linus Connection.  The preemie afghans will be donated to Heart of Texas Threads of Love, through The Linus Connection.


  1. The Sesame Street one is my favorite. :) You certainly were busy.

  2. They're all beautiful! What talent you have... and so generous to give as gifts to those in need. I bet they are so appreciative. Lovely!

  3. We are finally back on the net!!! Looks like y'all got a lot accomplished...good job.