Monday, September 23, 2013

On The Road - Part 3

Street lamps on Main Street in Roswell, NM.
We’re staying at the Trailer Village RV Park in Roswell, New Mexico.  This is a really nice park.  Even though they have gotten 7 inches of rain in the last couple of days, the pads are nice and dry.  
We're in Area 51 (I mean Site 51).
I think we actually had a night without it raining! 
We headed out to play disc golf.  The course was a muddy mess!

 That shiny area is wet, slimy, mud.
 It’s the kind of slimy mud that sticks to your shoes.
 I took a picture of my own shoes.

 Mark was constantly having to wash off his muddy disc.
There was plenty of water in that “mostly dry” creek!
Even the baskets had not escaped the rains: 
Branches and grass caught up in the basket.
The other end of the disc golf course was higher, and had a lot more grass.  It is a really pretty park.
After playing 18 holes at the Enchanted Lands Disc Golf Course, we drove over to Eastern New Mexico University where they have a 9 hole course.  It’s a pretty course that didn’t take Mark very long to play a couple of times.

It was nice to get outside and see blue skys!
The next day we drove from Roswell, NM to S. Llano River State Park in Junction, TX (400 miles).  The rain followed us.  We stayed a couple of nights at the state park, and played disc golf when the rains let up.

We're home!  We have some friends coming for a visit this week then we will be leaving on "vacation" on October 1st.  I'm going to be posting clues to where we are throughout that time.  Hope everyone will try to guess our destination.


  1. Sunshine sure looks good... but... oh! that mud!

  2. Why??? I guess you REALLY wanted to play, huh? Nice park in Roswell.