Monday, September 16, 2013

Final Days in Colorado (Part II)

Our last blog covered the first part of our final week at Alamosa NWR.  We had intended for the last day to be a slow one, but it turned out to be just as busy as all of the others.

The refuge manager's house has an old TV antenna on top, and she wanted it removed while we had the rental lift. So we got that old antenna off of the roof, and while I was up there I tightened up a bunch of loose screws.
Getting Antenna off of the Roof
Time to Lower this to the Ground
Tighten a Few Screws
I thought that we were done with the lift, but Gabe decided to remove a portion of the old radio antenna from the Visitor Center. That turned out to be our tallest job yet.
Removing the Radio Antenna
Removing the antenna itself was pretty easy.  But when we tried to pull the top section off of the tower, it was stuck pretty good.  We tied it off to the lift, applied some upward pressure, and I used a big hammer to "persuade" it upward.  When that piece popped loose, the basket on the lift jumped up about 2 feet.  Gabe and I both decided that was a little more excitement than we had been looking for!!
Removing the Top Tower Section
Our final project was another set of signs.  We had already placed the big signs on the Headquarters Building that identified the structure, but we still needed to add office hours and an address.  With the attachment of our final signs the staff and public now know the name of the building, the address, and the office hours!
Attaching the Final Sign
Done, and DONE!!!
That's it for our Summer in Colorado.  Stay tuned for our trip back to Texas.


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