Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the Road - Part 1

We’ve finished our volunteer assignment in Colorado.  We enjoyed a wonderful, busy summer, and our list of finished projects is pretty amazing.  We are making our way back to Texas.  

Our first stop was only about 150 miles down the road in a little town called Eagle’s Nest, New Mexico.  It rained (hard) all the way there.  We wanted to stay a couple of days here so Mark could try out a couple of disc golf courses.  He has really gotten good at this sport in only one year and even played in three tournaments while we were in Colorado (winning his class in two of them and winning over-all in the three combined!).  I don’t play but enjoy getting some exercise walking around the course.  We played one course, talked to the nice folks who own the place (bought a few discs and other, much needed, disc related items) then headed out to the second course. 
Some of the tee pads were in interesting places

Up a tree

This one got a little wet.  Luckily it didn’t float on down the stream!
 At the second course we got caught in a pouring rain at the second hole and got soaked running to the truck.  That worked out okay because by the time we got back home and changed into dry clothes, it was time to head into Angel Fire for pizza.
Can you tell this is a ski lift area?
 Just before the rains came!
 The next morning we were lucky, it quit raining long enough to get hooked up and on the road.  We had about 250 miles travel and it rained the entire time.

Next time: Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

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  1. Looks like fun... looking forward to your Bosque post. Safe travels!