Sunday, February 26, 2017

Birding the RV Park

We stayed at a very nice RV park outside of Portland. The park was nearly full and they had a long waiting list for monthly spaces!

For the most part the weather has been cold and dreary, but the sun popped out a few times and we were able to explore around the grounds here a bit. There is a small creek lined with blackberries and other shrubby brush, and we've found quite a few birds.

A tough little Ana's Hummingbird liked to perch at the top of a small tree. 

Some California Scrub-Jays have decided to switch states.

Golden-crowned Sparrows are a bird that I haven't seen since 2002, and that Teri has never seen. There are dozens of them here!

Another sparrow that we haven't seen in ten years is the Fox Sparrow.

Song Sparrows were living up to their name.

In addition to birds we've seen squirrels and chipmunks. 

Hopefully these rodents keep an eye out for the Red-tailed Hawks that soar overhead. 

We're off to our final destination in Washington!!



  1. Great pictures. Safe travels to your new temporary home.

  2. Nice thing about birding while traveling - your "targets" are always changing with the locale!