Sunday, February 12, 2017

We Found Summer!

We’re in SE Arizona where they are having unusually high temperatures. High today was 87 degrees!
Arizona State Line.
We’re staying at the Picacho Peak RV Resort.  This is a nice 300 site park that looks like it’s mainly for snowbirds.  We’re here for 3 nights.
 Entrance to the Park.
Picacho Peak is right out our front door and visible 45 miles away!  The summit is 3,374 feet and is now believed to be a tilted and eroded piece of rock overlain by a lava flow.

The name is redundant: "picacho" means "big peak" in Spanish.
Picacho Peak.
We’ll be visiting with our friends, Randy and Serene, who are staying at a much larger park down the road.  We met them while we were all volunteering at Farragut State Park (Idaho) in 2015. 
Mark, Serene, Randy, and Elko


  1. So good of you to come by for a visit!

  2. Thanks Mark and Teri for making time for us again. We had a good time and look forward to seeing you this summer. Safe travels.

  3. We really enjoyed visiting with you two, too! Keep in touch and we will see you in June.