Friday, February 24, 2017

Leaving California

With predictions of more bad weather (rain and snow) we once again hit the road.  We are ready to get out of California. 

We had lots of things planned to do in California but, unfortunately, the weather just didn’t cooperate.

I did get one magnet:
As we headed north the weather stayed the same for most of our drive:
Wet, dreary weather.
(Almost missed this sign!)  Unfortunately, we did not see any bears.
 We started seeing snow on the mountains:
 I believe this is Mt. Shasta.
We started seeing even more snow:
Lots of ups and downs!
 And then ------

S U N S H I N E !!!
Oregon State Line.

The sunshine didn’t last very long.  The rain started up again. 

We’re staying in a very nice RV park in Wilsonville, Oregon.  We were lucky that it quit raining long enough for us to set up.

This looks like a beautiful area and if it ever stops raining, we’ll find out!

We’re getting close to our destination.  I’m confident that it will quit raining sometime this summer!



  1. Stuck in a trailer in the rain is the pits.....that means museum time for me!

  2. I agree with Serene. For me, it can mean movie time. I like to watch movie way more than Serene, and I don't even mind watching movies I have seen before.

    Hang in there you two.

  3. We're movie fans. The cheesier the better!