Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is it a cloud? Smoke? Nope!

Welcome to beautiful Bakersfield, California.  The most polluted city in the US and the second city with the most smog in the US (Los Angeles has the worst smog).

How many layers of smog can you see?
As we drove over the mountains we were stunned to see this much smog!
Bakersfield is in the San Joaquin Valley, a major agricultural area that stretches through much of California.  The San Joaquin Valley contains some of the richest, most productive agricultural land in the country.  But its geography - the valley is surrounded on all sides by mountains - creates a bowl that traps air pollution.  

Most of the 250 miles we drove today were through very stark, dry desert.  Once we started getting close to Bakersfield, the land turned lush and green.  

As we drove by Edwards Air Force Base, we had a couple of jets fly over and we were circled a couple of times by this odd looking plane. 
We are staying at the Orange Grove RV Park, about 10 miles outside Bakersfield.  It’s a nice park that is, you guessed it, in an old orange grove.  This is the view out our front door.

At check-in we were encouraged to “pick the oranges”.  They were very sweet and juicy.
Mark picking the oranges.

Next time; Birding the disc golf course.


  1. Replies
    1. All of the outside low-hanging fruit had been picked. But the insides of the trees were full of fruit.

  2. The trees were loaded! Best orange I've ever had.

  3. Yummy.

    Boise is prone to inversions in the winters. So that looks familiar. Breath shallow my friends.