Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hornpout Fishing

There is a really nice lake (Echo Lake) here in the park that is stocked with Trout. Mark brought his fly fishing gear from home with the thought of doing a little fishing. We had been hearing people talk about fishing for Hornpout, a term we had never heard. It turns out that Hornpout is a Brown Bullhead Catfish. Most people don’t eat them and they are unwanted in the lakes.

Mark bought a fishing license and inexpensive spinning rod and we went down to the lake for some fishing. It looked like a lot of fun so the next day I bought a fishing license and rod!

Most of the fish we caught were not very big (about 4 inches). We fished with worms, leftover teriyaki pork tenderloin and artificial crawlers. The Hornpout didn’t seem to be very particular about what we put on the hook!

It was a blast! We each caught 6 fish in about two hours.

Beautiful Echo Lake


  1. Oh, man, Chris is always saying he wants to fish! He would be elated to get to fish while up in Maine. As you (Mark) know, I am not a big fisherperson. Can't do the hooks, the bait, the guts, etc. But perhaps you and Teri might be kind enough to go fishing with Chris? While I do something else?! ;-)

    Although I'm thinking you might have had to throw those fish back? Are they big enough to eat? I do remember catfish is some goooood eatin'!

  2. Hi Julee-

    Hornpout are also known as "mud cats" and are not considered prime table fare. Plus, these are on the small side. Since these were introduced into the lake and considered an invasive species, we simply dispose of the ones that we catch.

    We would be happy to fish with Chris. There is the small issue of a fishing license. A one-day license is $11, a three-day is $23. Like most states, Maine likes to charge non-residents a great deal more than residents for the right to fish in their waters...