Saturday, July 2, 2011

We drove up to Fort Kent a couple of days ago. We saw 2 moose on the way and found a lot of wild strawberries.

Moose count: 8 + 1 Canada
Life Birds: 7 + 1 Canada
Bears: 1 Canada

Fort Kent is the last major town visitors to the North Maine Woods pass through. The North Maine Woods is the largest tract of undeveloped land east of the Mississippi River, covering approximately 3.5 million acres.

Wild Strawberry plant

Wild Strawberries - tiny but tasty!


Common Ringlet

Superb Jewelwing

White Admiral:


  1. Moose are sort of odd looking, aren't they? What are you doing for the 4th? Any fireworks around?

  2. I think they're really cute! I just love the big nose.
    The park was packed this weekend. We'll spend the 4th cleaning up the sites. It rained the last couple of days so we didn't get out much.

  3. Yow. Lots of rain. No fireworks anywhere?

    Those little strawberries look enticing, by the way!

  4. Some of the little towns were advertising fireworks but we never did get out of the park.