Saturday, July 30, 2011

Schoodic Peninsula - Day 2

Lynn and Jane picked us up for breakfast this morning then it was on to Acadia National Park. We drove the Schoodic Peninsula.

We drove the 6-mile, one-way loop road. It's a two lane road with lots of turnouts. The views were amazing.

We went on a short hike on the Anvil Trail then drove on to Schoodic point.

Mark, Lynn, and Jane

At the Point we spent a while taking pictures and watching the waves.

Herring Gulls

Immature Bald Eagle

Common Eider

[Geologist call the bands of black rock “dikes.” Magma (molten rock) from deep below the Earth’s crust pushed up and intruded into the granite bedrock, then cooled to form these dark vertical planes of diabase. Some dikes on the peninsula measure over 150 feet wide.]

We were lucky enough to see a few Bottlenose Dolphins!


  1. I like photo #3 a lot -- that smooth water is so enticing. We went to Acadia when we were in Maine and walked on those huge rocks. Chris got close enough to the edge that I was worried, as the waves can be very high. We heard that once in a while a person was caught by a wave and swept out to sea. Not a good end to a vacation!

  2. The brochures say to stay away from the edge. We were very careful!