Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another project crossed off the list.

When we bought our place in Medina there was a ‘very’ small dishwasher that had been added to the end of the kitchen cabinet.

The removal of the dishwasher went on our project list and is now completed.

Mark had been thinking about what he needed to do to replace the shelf in the cabinet since the previous owners had cut half of it off in order to insert the dishwasher. I suggested he leave the shelf out because it would be a great place to put the kitchen trash can and the recycle can.

Mark did a wonderful job on the cabinet.


  1. Looks great! Mark is a pretty handy guy!

  2. He is handy - and tall too, which really comes in handy!
    He's getting our little place all fixed up.

  3. Are you now without dishwasher altogether? Can't imagine not wanting one, but we don't have one at all so if/when we do ahve one, I won't be getting rid of it! Of course Mark did nice work. He always does.

  4. Hi Julee-

    That dishwasher was tiny, loud, and sitting right on the edge of the living area. We decided that listening to it run for 60-90 minutes wasn't really our cup of tea, considering that I can do the dishes silently in about ten minutes!!


  5. Mark -- the most quiet and efficient dishwasher on the market!