Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We picked up a hitch hiker!

About a year ago Mark and I started kicking around the idea of buying a new RV. We looked at a few and never found anything we really liked. Then, while we were in Maine this summer we thought about it a little bit more. There weren’t a lot of RV dealers in the area we were in but we looked at a few RV’s and again, didn’t find anything we liked.

When we got back to Texas, where there are a LOT of RV dealers, we looked at a LOT of RV’s. Mark started researching different brands that are best for full timing and after looking at lots and lots of RV’s we decided the NuWa RV would be the best for us.

Then came the hard part! As you might have noticed, I’m a little on the short side. This turned out to be quite a big problem. For some reason RV’s seem to have the microwave and the freezer WAY up high. Who designs these things anyway?!

So, after finding an RV that we liked, we contacted NuWa about rebuilding the kitchen so I could use the microwave and freezer without standing on a step stool. The NuWa folks are super easy to work with and told us they would get right on designing it and let us know the costs.

In the meantime we started looking at a higher-up model of NuWa (in which I could use the microwave and freezer) and decided that if we were going to have to pay almost as much to have a kitchen redesigned, we might as well just go ahead and get the higher-up model. Of course, we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted so again Mark got with the NuWa owner to make sure we could get the changes made that we wanted. Once we got the word that they could do everything we wanted, it was back to the dealer to order the perfect RV. And, I’m happy to say, since we ordered our perfect RV, we only made two changes to our order!

When you read the title of this blog post (We picked up a hitch hiker), you might have been a little worried about us!

So, let me introduce you to our brand new, custom ordered, NuWa 2012 HitchHiker Discover America 330 FK:

This is the surprise I alluded to a couple of days ago!

Some of the upgrades we made:

Wood laminate flooring

Larger refrigerator

King size bed

Microwave/Convection/Half Time oven

There was also some upgrades that Mark ordered such as heavy duty brakes and tires. Four batteries and an inverter (so we can have plenty of electricity when we’re camping without hookups). And, a lot of other things I’ll tell you about next time!

More pictures later and, a sad goodbye.


  1. Wow, that's fantastic! Congratulations. I'm sure you'll get many years of enjoyment out of it.

  2. Wow guys! Looks great! You should have many happy years in that baby! Teri, I never noticed you were short!

  3. We've been loading it up all day. There is so much room I find myself putting one thing in a drawer!
    Penny, you are too kind!

  4. The new NuWa looks fabulous. Can't wait to see it! -- Sharon

  5. You're short? I thought I was just tall. Looks like a first-rate RV. I'm anxious to get a look at it up close.

  6. Ya'll come on down (I guess it's up, not down, from your place)! We're looking forward to getting together too.