Friday, December 30, 2011

HitchHiker - Part 2

Any guesses what this does? (Possibly one of the best top ten inventions of all time!)

Come back tomorrow for the answer.

When we ordered our new RV we explained to the NuWa folks that we had a very narrow window in which we would be between volunteer assignments and in the Austin area. They went out of their way to accommodate our timeline.

After we left LBJ we headed to our little place in Medina. There we spent a couple of days unloading the Mobile Scout.

Mark will put the solar panels on the HitchHiker this Spring.

Every cabinet and drawer completely empty.

It was really convenient to be able to unload the Mobile Scout while we were in Medina and then bring the HitchHiker home to reload everything.

Here are some more pictures of the HitchHiker:

Justin, from Camper Clinic II going over the various systems with Mark.
Hummm ... I think Mark was showing Justin what the various buttons and readouts were for!

This pictures shows the batteries and one of the many storage areas.

One of the upgrades that Mark thought was a little ridiculous but I sort of wanted, is the electric awning. We tend to put the awning out for a couple of hours while we’re sitting out and I thought it would be something that I would be able to do whenever I wanted to. Heck, even I can push a button! I’ve seen Mark playing with it a couple of times already so I think he’s glad we ordered it.

Mark also got a new hitch put in the back of the truck. It’s pretty awesome, we could hardly tell we were towing!

We’ve been carrying our bikes with us all over the US (I think we even rode them twice)! We had a hitch put on the back of the RV so we can keep on carrying them (we might even ride them once in a while).

Mark has been reading this huge instruction manual for the last two nights. I hope has it memorized because we’re heading out in the morning!

Our Mobile Scout was an absolutely wonderful RV. We bought it new in 2000 and had some awesome vacations.

Even though we are excited about our new HitchHiker, it was pretty sad to leave our Mobile Scout in the parking lot.

Tomorrow we will be leaving for our next volunteer assignment. We plan on staying at Choke Canyon one night then on to Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

Stop by tomorrow to find out the answer to the quiz!

The end!

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