Saturday, December 31, 2011

Answer to the quiz

Did you guess what this handy gadget is for?

You sweep all the dirt up to the slot, push the lever, and it sucks all the dirt into the DirtDevil that is in the outside storage area.

There is also a hose with implements that is stored under the inside steps that can be easily attached to a port in the stairs. This also goes directly to the DirtDevil.

Mark has already vacuumed the whole RV twice and we’ve only had it three days! I hope he will stay that enthusiastic for the next ten years or so!


  1. Yes, I guessed what it is since we have one just like it!!! You have the big sister to our rig, even down to the color and leather chairs. Thanks for the compliment.

  2. We hope that you don't think we copied you!! We'd seen the 300 FK (your model) in exactly this color scheme at Camper CLinic, so we ordered our trailer with the same patterns. Great minds think alike!!

    We arrived at Laguna Atascosa today and are all plugged in a ready to go. Once we get our schedule figured out here we'll try to plan a visit with ya'll.


  3. I've seen that type of vacuum system in homes, so knew what it was. Had no idea you could get it in an RV. How convenient! Hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure it's like having a new toy and the enthusiasm will wane over time . . . enjoy Mark's passion for vacuuming while it lasts!