Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Few More

Our last post showed some of the birds that we've enjoyed at our feeder. We've had a few more since then.

Western Meadowlarks, like the previous Rock Wren, are primarily insect eaters.  But this particular Meadowlark was spotted near the base of the feeder.

Western Meadowlark
The Lark Sparrow is easy to identify, at least as sparrows go, by their distinctive face pattern.  We have several that frequent the feeder. 
Lark Sparrow
Another sparrow that visits the feeder is the Lincoln's Sparrow.  Identification is more difficult as they don't have a strong facial pattern. But the fine breast streaking and buffy "mustache" are good field marks.
Lincoln's Sparrow

We also saw a Black-throated Sparrow and a Verdin today, but were out working in the park and didn't have the camera. Maybe next time!


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