Friday, December 27, 2013

Finished "Our" House

It took longer than we thought it would, but we've finished painting the Assistant Superintendent's house. You might recall from previous blogs that we volunteered to take on the task of painting a house here at the park.  The Assistant Superintendent position is currently vacant, so this was the perfect time to get the house fixed up. It started out as a simple project, but got complicated when the old popcorn texture began peeling from the ceiling.  So in addition to painting the house we ended up scraping and re-texturing three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Fun!!
Assistant Superintendent's House, Enchanted Rock
Once the painting was done, we had to rehang all of the doors, including the big sliding closet doors in the bedrooms.
Hanging the Closet Doors
I had some issues getting the closet doors to work correctly. The first pair that I put up just wouldn't slide correctly.  I fussed around with them for too long and finally gave up and went to lunch.  When we returned Teri noticed that two of the brackets had the number "1" on them, and the other two had the number "2". I'd assumed that the brackets were all the same, but they weren't!!  Once that discovery was made things went so much better...
Two of these things are not like the others!!
Finished and Working Well
The carpets in this house need to be re-stretched and cleaned.  So we were able to pull them up to paint around the walls.  We had to get them re-positioned before we left, so there was some tugging and pulling. 
Adjusting Carpet
Fixing the Carpet in the Closet
Overall we think that the job went very well and the park folks are pleased with the finished product.  If we hadn't had this big house to paint we're not sure what we'd have done to occupy our time here.  Thank goodness for special projects!
Finished Kitchen
Finished Bathroom
We hope that the new Assistant Superintendent appreciates our hard work!!



  1. I'm sure he/she will. Whats not to like about a spiffed up residence? Good work!

  2. Looks Great! You two do a great job no matter what the project is.

  3. the house looks great you guys! I am sure the staff really appreciate all of your efforts!

  4. Kudos to you two...I'm sure they will appreciate it...who wouldn't?