Saturday, December 21, 2013

Out Our Window

We put up a bird feeder when we arrived here at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. There is a lot of natural food here so we haven't been overwhelmed by birds, but we've had a few visitors.

We've seen several sparrow species, but the Chipping Sparrows are most common by far.
Chipping Sparrow
We have a small pile of rocks and firewood below the feeder, and this has become a good area for the birds to poke around in.
House Finch
There are several types of doves, but the little Inca Doves are my favorite.
Inca Dove
We had Tufted Titmice at our home in Elgin, but in the Hill Country they are all Black-crested.
Black-crested Titmouse
This pair of Northern Cardinals look like ornaments on a Christmas tree!
Northern Cardinals
Our most unusual feeder birds have been Rock Wrens.  They don't eat the seed but seem to enjoy hopping around in the wood and rocks below the feeder. Maybe there are a few bugs down there.
Rock Wren


  1. Interesting if true: Rock Wrens don't drink water; Rock Wrens build walkways of stones to their nest cavities. -Rick

  2. Merry Christmas, Mark and Teri Hope Santa brings you guys something really special. Bill and Linda Clifton and Rachel!