Monday, December 9, 2013

Remember the Telephone Game?

The game where you whisper something to one person, they whisper it to someone else, and so on.  The last person says what they heard, which is never the same as the starting phrase. Here is our own local version:

In yesterday's blog I reported that a purchasing freeze had been enacted here and we weren't sure when (or if) we'd get more paint.  We went in to touch base with the Park Superintendent this morning, and explained our dilemma regarding paint and the  purchasing freeze.

He looked at us kind of funny, and explained that there was no purchasing freeze. The actual message was that because of the incoming freezing weather, normal purchasing rules had been suspended to allow parks to more quickly react to frozen/broken pipes, pumps, etc.  But what ended up being passed around the maintenance section was that a purchasing freeze had been enacted. I guess that both explanations have the words "purchasing" and "freeze" in them!!

So it seems that we'll get the paint we need to finish the job. I suppose it is a good thing that we asked,,,