Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014 Farragut Navel Training Station Reunion

Yesterday was the annual Farragut Navel Training Station Boot reunion.  This reunion is to honor the men and women who trained at Farragut during World War II.

We arrived early to help set up chairs and get ready.

We had over 200 folks show up with lots of veterans (including several of our park volunteers) along with 22 “Boots.”  (Boots: The sailors leggings where known as boots and that term was transferred to recruits).

The flags were raised and the National Anthem was sung.
It was a beautiful, moving ceremony.
17 volunteers elected to stay a little longer this summer to help out.
Inside the Museum at the Brig there are 8 sign-in books that correspond with the 8 camps that were built in 1942.  The Boots are encouraged to sign in.
There were lots of stories told and a great lunch provided by the park.


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