Monday, September 15, 2014


After disc-golfing our way through Idaho, we’ve crossed over into Utah.  
Mark will be playing disc golf, we might look for a couple of geocaches, and we’ll be visiting family while we’re here.

Not much to blog about (unless you would like to see pictures of lots of disc golf courses!).

When I showed the picture of Mark’s disc collection a couple of blogs ago, I forgot to mention that he won a lot of those discs in competitions.  Some of them are souvenir disc from the various competitions. 

He either won or received 15 disc just from his last competition!

He’s also started collecting the mini disc (they have the name of the course or state printed on them).  When you live most of your time in an RV, there is not a lot of space for collections!

I also finished my 29th afghan of the year: 
After Utah we’ll be heading to Arizona where we will be visiting with friends and playing more disc golf.