Saturday, September 27, 2014

Have You Ever Been To Bosque del Apache?

Seems like any time we mention we’re going to be in New Mexico someone asks if we've ever been to Bosque. 
We’ve been here several times but never as a volunteer.  Many, many, many years ago we came here during Thanksgiving to see the cranes and geese fly out.

If you've never seen it, it is well worth getting up while it’s still dark and braving the chilly weather!

We usually stop in the Visitor Center to see if we know the volunteers that are working.  We’ve worked with some of these volunteers at other refuges.  This trip, we’ll probably be in and out before the VC opens.

Since then we’ve come this direction several times.  We always stay at the Birdwatchers RV park, right down the road from the refuge.  It’s nothing special, a little run down.  But, it’s the closest RV park to the refuge and is just fine for a night or two.
We crossed into New Mexico this morning and are only going to stay at this park one night. We’re only driving about 85 miles tomorrow.  We’ll stay a few days in the Ruidoso area.


  1. Who are the volunteers there you have worked with?

  2. I think lots of folks stay at Bird Watchers. One time when I stayed there, the guy gave me a bunch of free tomatoes from his garden. :)