Friday, September 26, 2014

Cooling off in Arizona

We’ve been spending a few days in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona.  We’re just relaxing and visiting with friends.

We staying at a wonderful RV park called Elk Pines.  We stayed here in 2010 (see blog from May 15-21, 2010) and really enjoyed the area.  It’s also a Passport America park so the site is half off for us.

At 6627 feet elevation, it’s nice and cool.  We’re having afternoon showers.  Even had a little soft hail yesterday.

We’ve been visiting with friends Bill and Karen that we volunteered with at Inks Lake State Park (Texas) this past Winter.  They have a super cute cabin up here and we’ve spent some time playing disc golf.

Our other friends that are here are John and Karen, who were camp hosts at Rocky Mountain National Park when we were there in 2010.  You might remember the blog I posted about the beautiful sign John made for us (see blog June 21, 2011).  He also sells these wonderful (and very sharp!) knives and surprised us with these two: 

I have 3 knives that I got a couple of years ago when we met up with John and Karen and use them all the time (and, they’re made in the USA - yea!).

Mark has been doing some work while we’re here.  He bought this snazzy headset so he can talk and type at the same time: 

There are three 18-hole disc golf courses in the area and he’s played all of them (more than once):

I’m still crocheting:
We’ve been doing a little reading, in our spare time.  I have a Kindle, Mark is still old school - actual books.

And, we found our 100th geocache:
We’re leaving tomorrow for Bosque del Apache, New Mexico.  Eventually, we will get to Texas.


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